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Native Plant, Garden Packages, Augusta, ME

Native Perennial Plants in Augusta, ME

Our focus as a nursery has consistently been on amplifying the beauty of landscapes around the area with native perennial plants in Augusta, ME. Our experience tells us that these plants that are best suited to thrive in our unique climate, and they stay beautiful throughout the year. They are easier to care for, and they can make your home more valuable and appealing.

Native Farms Nursery is more than just a place to buy potted plants. We are committed to helping you find the plants and perennials that will make your home or office shine. Our garden professionals have the experience needed to match you with plants that make sense.

Understanding Plant Care

Choose heartier plants that will stand the test of time, and learn about what you need to do to maintain them from week to week. We teach the most effective techniques through a combination of experience and passion for the work. When you work with a team that is invested in your success, you can enjoy a garden that brings you joy and satisfaction at a job well done.

Your Satisfaction Matters

Whether you are updating an existing garden or building something special from the ground up, our gardening professionals are eager and ready to help. When you visit our location, you will immediately notice the enthusiasm we have for the plants of Maine. Find the right combination of plants, whether you visit us here or order for delivery.