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With our Fern, Wildflower and Native Perennial Packages,  you can save money at bulk rate prices .  Our make you'r own garden packages  let you get just the garden you want at a lower price.

These options are listed within the native garden packages section of the store.

Woodland Plants, Plant Nursery, Augusta, ME

Wildflowers & Ferns Plant Nursery in Augusta, ME

Bring your property back to life with supplies from our plant nursery. Native Farms Nursery in Augusta, ME, offers a selection of woodland garden plants that are just waiting to be discovered. Contact us today!

Wildflowers, Plant Nursery, Augusta, ME

Beautifying Wildflowers Ferns and Native Perennials

Explore our  selection of colorful native plants to enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space. For your added convenience, various garden staples are also avialable and will bring some green and livelihood back in your garden and property.   We offer a wide selection of Ferns to help green almost any slightly to moderately shady area on your property. 

Create the right balance in your backyard with our large assortment of woodland plants.  Grown in the United States, these plants are the perfect options for adding a vibrant look to your outdoor living space.  Our plant nursery offers a variety of beautiful bulbs and corms. Some of our selections include the ever-popular Jack-in-the-Pulpit and Squirrel Corn, though many others are readily available. 

Contact us in Augusta, Maine, to learn more about our large assortment of woodland plants available.