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With our Fern, Wildflower and Native Perennial Packages,  you can save money at bulk rate prices .  Our make you'r own garden packages  let you get just the garden you want at a lower price.

These options are listed within the native garden packages section of the store.

Woodland Plants, Plant Nursery, Augusta, ME

Wildflower & Fern Plant Nursery in Augusta, ME

The natural beauty of woodland garden plants can be yours by ordering from our plant nursery in Augusta, ME. From our headquarters in Augusta, Native Farms Nursery ships flowers and plants right to your door. Explore the abundant selection of greenery and colors in our plant store.

Imagine the whimsical charm of colorful wildflowers growing in your yard. Or, how about the feathery lines of ferns contributing graceful greenery to your outdoor living space? A beautiful house is just that, but when you add wildflower and fern packages to the mix, the impact is stunning. As we have a plentiful selection of native species, you have the necessary options to create a yard that is a wonderland of fascinating plants.

Create the right balance in your backyard with our large assortment of native perennial plants. Grown in the United States, these plants are the perfect options for adding a woodsy look to your property. Our native plant nursery offers a variety of beautiful bulbs and corms. Some of our selections include the ever-popular Jack-in-the-Pulpit and Squirrel Corn, though many, many others are readily available. 

Wildflowers, Plant Nursery, Augusta, ME

Growing Wildflowers & Ferns

Wildflowers add color and natural beauty to any space they grace. A bonus is the fact they require very little maintenance, so plant away. Flowers and plants that require daily attention to thrive consume a great deal of your precious time. This is not the case with wildflowers.

Not only do these natural flowers attract your attention, but they also get noticed by pollinators, such as bees. This is a great way to pollinate your garden, as well as to provide a food source for these most helpful of insects. In addition to bringing in the bees, wildflowers planted in your yard draw in insects that battle bad bugs, provide food for wild animals, and offer natural medicinal benefits.

From our plant nursery, we also provide a pleasing array of ferns. These need very little attention from you to thrive, mostly mulching to retain moisture, and pruning to get rid of broken fronds. These hardy plants are naturally resistant to disease and pests.

Closing CTA: Contact us [link to] today to order a paper catalog of our plants. From Augusta, Maine, we ship native plants to you.

Contact us today to order a paper catalog of our plants. From Augusta, Maine, we ship native plants to you.