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Native Plant, Garden Packages, Augusta, ME

Beautiful Native Plant Garden Packages in Augusta, ME

We offer pre selected garden packages as well as" build your own packages" from our regular plant selection. Contact us today!

Balance Your Backyard

Try our half-sun, half-shade garden package.  If you are looking for a native fern garden, a  shade garden,  an early spring wildflower garden,  maybe a fiddlehead garden or moss for a wet area, we can arrange a package that is ideal to meet your preference.

Grow your own Fiddleheads

Grow your own Fiddleheads with our Fiddlehead Garden Packages.  All the plants you need to harvest enough to cook a few batches in the spring. 

Trillium Garden Package

Our Trillium Garden Package groups 5 types of trilliums for your enjoyment.  Since trilliums are often seen in clumps or colonies in the wild we thought we would make it easy to purchase them in large enough amounts to make striking displays in your gardens.

 Wildflower and Fern Packages

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